LGS Inc has the ability to take a potential project from a simple concept or idea and deliver it as a fully functional GIS Enterprise and/or Web Mapping Solution. This is all delivered through our simple turnkey approach to our three service divisions.

Although these service divisions may exist as separate entities, they are most often used in conjunction to deliver solutions that satisfy the most diverse and/or unique client requirements.

Geospatial or Conceptual Design

  • Developing a concept and defining the requirements of a client through initial consultation.
  • Taking those needs and carefully facilitating the development of a GIS enterprise infrastructure that meets organizational needs.
  • Build a structure for managing the project that includes budget preparation, setting milestones and reporting requirements to ensure success.

Implementation of GIS Enterprise Infrastructure

Depending on the specific client requirements, we will build a GIS enterprise infrastructure to meet those needs. This may include:

  • Data collection services
  • Database design, creation and management
  • Software implementation
  • Desktop application development
  • Web mapping solution development
  • Customized GIS/Web Tools
  • IT Server infrastructure creation

Post-Implementation Support

As part of our user-centred design, we take an approach with the belief that a project should never end right after implementation. There should always be a support structure where ongoing collaboration is involved. These support services may include:

  • User training (mainly software related)
  • Data hosting/maintenance with online datacenter (VMWare)
  • Custom tool maintenance and/or improvements
  • General client care (email/phone support)